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LANGUAGE LEARNING: Immersion and regular exposition

When trying to keep your language skills fresh over time, it makes sense to litterally never lose touch. In the times of the internet and the endless flow of and nearly limitless access to information, we can set up our lives in more and more creative and dynamic ways. One of them is the option to regularly expose yourself to foreign-language contents despite not living in a place where it is spoken.

My Italian past

Having had almost 4 years of Italian lessons in my life and some exposure and practise outside of that, I am no straniero to the Italian language;) Although my level is certainly not above B2, I feel rather confident in working with Italian contents as my knowledge of linguistics and other languages makes it easier for me to understand new vocabulary and grasp new formulations.

Podcast Italiano

As you can see below, I included a video on the most "neutral" Italian accent by Davide, the host of the YouTube channel "Podcast Italiano". He makes all sorts of interesting videos about the Italian language, its varieties, how to learn it, and much more.

I have recently discovered his channel and have come to like and appreciate it very much for its easy-to-understand contents and their informative nature. Also, this channel is one of a new collection of Italian language YouTube channels that I want to listen to regularly as part of my polyglot lifestyle. (Sorry, if that sounds a bit pretentious;) Anyway, here you go!

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