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POEM: Ascend!

Life is drawing me Come, come Life is calling me Run, run! Leave what’s undesired Fulfill your destiny Reach for what you long admired Come into clarity! Let die the hopes of old It’s time for something new Be ready to be bold It’s amazing what you do! Keep your eyes peeled For what is due to come The last time you have kneeled The next time you’ll be gone! Off to new adventures As nothing holds you back Much now to unravel The eggshell’s due to crack! Deep down slumbered the truth That awoke and now ascends The bodymind is forced to move As spirit now transcends! What is within will be without Without you even knowing Harmony is hence about To get the hearts now glowing! Be ready for the signal Be ready for your leap Be ready leaving all Be ready to rise steep! Go where it’s leading you Let everything just go The world out there is needing you You’ll know how once you go!

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